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Wholesale Investment Properties Specialists 

Wholesale Investment Properties Specialists 

" Every person who invests in well selected real estate adopts the surest and safest methods of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth."
                                                                                                                                        -Theodore Roosevelt

Indianapolis Investment Properties: 
Your goals are our goals - cash flow and financial security now and in the future. Secure your future with cash flow, appreciation, equity and tax savings by investing in quality rental income properties. American Property Investments specializes in turn key, single-family rental investment homes in the Greater Indianapolis area. According to the Wall Street Journal, Indianapolis is one of the best places for conservative, residential, real estate investors with a focus on single-family homes. We purchase and renovate quality investment properties in stable, family- oriented neighborhoods, which will provide you, the investor, with a property that gives you immediate positive cash flow, equity and appreciation. That's why American Property Investments("API") is now Indiana's largest single-family investment property wholesaler. 
Our business philosophy is: keep prices and profit margins low and returns on investment high. We know the importance of happy, satisfied clients, and we count on their repeat business. API is dedicated to providing its clients with positive cash flow, instant equity and quality investment properties. This business philosophy has made API #1 in Indiana.

These secret is out! The Wall Street Journal writes that investors who buy rental properties enjoy double digit returns while bonds and other income investments yield very little. " Former New York Jets Doug Brien  now managing director of Waypoint Real Estate Group says, " Everyone is realizing that single family buy-and-hold is the way to go."


What API Can Do for You

  • API has long-term, and in some cases exclusive, relationships with Indianapolis banks. This means API can buy foreclosed real estate at lower prices.  
    We pass the savings on to you - lower prices and instant equity. 
  • API has its own professional, in-house rehab team which has been with us since Day 1 .We can rehab our properties at a lower cost and higher level of quality than others.  
    You can invest with confidence in a property ready to start providing you with positive cash flow and instant equity. 
  •   API offers warranties on their properties, and all warranty work is performed by our team.
    Cash flow without the headaches and worries.
  • API's large volume means that the best management companies want to work with us.  
    This means top-quality, low cost management services- hassle-free.

New referral program- We pay $cash for referrals !

 Our team will assist you every step of the way to make real estate investment easy and profitable for you. We know that real estate provides the best financial opportunities for the individual investor.

" Every person who invests in well selected real estate adopts the surest and safest methods of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth."
                                                                                         -Theodore Roosevelt

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